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August 07, 2007


Both of my parents are losing their hearing. Mom will admit that Dad can't hear but denies her own deterioration. Dad says he keeps the tv up (so loud that it's like a plane is landing in the living room) because he can't hear over everyone talking. (Mom and Dad live alone...who is he talking about) Also, he knows Mom can't hear but is aware she won't admit it and is afraid to press it because she'll just insist that he's just as bad. I hear you, Clickmom. Loud and clear.

Oh, it sounds like you are really going through a rough time. I am sorry to hear about your mother's health and your grandmother's state. I know how hard it is as I watched several of my beloved family members suffer from that disease.

I know it sounds trite, but I am sure your strength and support are working wonders for all of them (and you).

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