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August 09, 2007


No, I wouldn't read it.
However, I wonder if he left it out on his table on purpose, knowing his aunt would be borrowing his room for a while.
A child therapist I took my son to a few years ago said she had a number of kids she worked with who kept blogs, or online journals, and gave her permission to read them and then discuss those things in therapy. You might look into that, because at least then there is someone he trusts who can better tell whether he's venting, or if intervention might be needed.

could you just tell Evan that his aunt saw what he wrote in the front of his journal and was concerned about him, that you didn't look, and ask him if he'd like to tell you about it? How do you think he would respond to that?

yes, you better believe I would read it! I don't think it is wrong to want to help your own child! We have to think back to maybe some of the "twisted" thinking we may have had at one point during our childhood, and realize that now we can actually help one of our children when they are going through depression, anger or rage or just simply confusion! It's not wrong to know what really goes on in your own childs mind. You may never know that if he is writing things down, he is asking for help!

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