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May 29, 2007


WOW - you sound burnt. But maybe instead of just stopping cold turkey you could slow down a bit. Get the kids used to you doing fewer things that they can do and then a bit more fewer, kind of wean them off of the "mommy does all" mentality.

Ah... I've so been where you are. I have 4 kids and I volunteered for all, helped with all and did all. All the while my Mom was saying quietly: You have four, don't get burnt out, save some for the others. And she was right. When Morgan (my oldest) was in 3rd or 4th grade I was done. I couldn't do two girl scout troops, a boy scout troop, be the leader for church,couldn't do the 3 positions for the PTA and be the parent volunteer in 3 class rooms without burning out and going insane.

I decided to only do the things I loved with the kids. I kept the scout troops and dropped everything else. I was happier, the kids were happier (mainly because I was home more) and the husband was happier (same reason as the kids). Now that 4 years have past, I've noticed that I've fallen back into the habit of doing all. I'm trying to decide now what to give up.

Good luck - take the summer off and decide what will work best for all of you!

There w/you. So burnt out. 4 kids, almost 5 years of meals my hubby never sees and all he can ask is for me to make dinner. I just need a year long break, totally.

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