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April 13, 2007


i know your post was about something else entirely, and i didn't miss thee point. but i'm going to pick up one specific thread for a minute. i have found that on public transportation, more often than not the person who stands up tp give a pregnant women a seat, is another woman. men pretend not to see and bury their face in the book/newspaper they're reading or close there eyes and pretend they've fallen asleep. i don't know what's going on here. it's not just about "chivalry" it's about commomn decency. i am most often the only person on my train car to offer my seat to an elderly person or pregnant woman. occasionally when i am near a seat that opens up i rush to get it instead of another person because i see a pregnant woman and know she can't rush to get it. so i take it and then motion for her to make her way over and then get up for her. anyone else in the crowded train car will just sit down. how has this happened to our societ? i used to date a guy who never bothered to sit down on the subway. he'd get on and almost every seat would be available but he would not sit next to me, preferring instead to stand in front of me. i asked him why and he said he'd just have to get up eventually if an old person or a woman would get on. inevitably it would be a woman and he'd feel like he'd have to get up and give her his seat. so why bother sitting at all? what happened to people like that?

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