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April 05, 2007


Way! To! Go! That is incredible! Although, it is nice to hear that some else runs slower than they walk. :0) I run on the treadmill at a 3.4 - I walk at 3.6! Granted, they are both slow as hell, but come on! We should be able to run faster - shouldn't we?

Be careful on trying to lengthening your stride. I tried to do that and started to KILL my hips. My trainer stated that if you have a short stride, you have a short stride and you could injury yourself by trying to over lengthen it.

Again, Way to Go!

That is fantastic! Go Clickmom!!!!

Yep, don't lengthen your stride. Your focus should be on stride rate. Try to get it up to 90. This may seem tough but it is the best way to increase your speed and stay injury free. If you just lengthen your stride, you will likely heel strike. Your stride will naturally lengthen as you strengthen and stretch (yoga?).


Congratulations on the 3 miles.

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