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March 25, 2007


It sounds like it was a hard day - but you will love those items that you are keeping. I have painting done by my Grandfather that I love and think of him whenever I walk past it. How was scum-le during the packing? Was he drooling over all of her stuff or bitching because he had to help?

Interesting enough, he stood over me kind of helpless most of the time, which ended up motivating me to work harder and really focus on finishing to get out of there. His attitude was that he would pick over what ever I didn't take. He ended up taking stuff like PLASTIC BAGS (!! OMG It's in the genes!!), her half used cleansers, some ordinary old pots and pans, and tools. There was only one thing he saw and said he wanted, it was an olive bowl with butterflies on it. I said sure, and even tossed him the matching cheese knife when I came across it. So, he wasn't all vulture-like and the company was helpful, since I wouldn't have wanted to be alone on the creepy empty apartment. I did most of the work, but I never thought it would be any other way. Honestly, I didn't think he would stay there the whole time. He probably just wanted the ride home, but he did buy me lunch..... so, it was fine. He is much more pleasant to be around with out his witchy wife lurking in the background and she didn't come.

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