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March 29, 2007


I am guessing you take a little much deserved time for yourself and purchase some new over the shoulder boulder holders!!!

Oww! I've had that happen before, but my...uh...breast shelf is much smaller than yours.

Been there too! Also, all the other bothersome things as well. It sucks! But, I hope you get to replace that bra with a spanking new one. Any excuse to shop turns out to be a good thing in the end.

OMG this made me spit my cheap but yummy McDonalds coffee nearly out thru my nose. I have had this happen. I hate it. I have had everything you listed happen. Bra's were invented by men. Boobless, titless, breastless men!! What I really hate is the underboob when a bra just won't stay where you put it. Or how about ....I suppose well endowed women should all want to wear plain Jane ugly bra's. Where's the color and design and flattery for us big boobied girls? Where? I admit I wear the plain jane boring one's most days because I want comfort and smoothness under my clothes.....but....c'mon I also have days where I want to strut my ta ta's in something lacey and racy and sexy and daring and OMG that bra is going to make my husband ruin his jeans!! Where the hell are those bras?? They sure aren't in Wally World.

The under the arm underwire poking out reminds me of the turkey timer...I always think..."ok ok bra you're clearly overcooked!!"

Oh and admit it....you keep shoving that bitch right back down in and calculating how much time before it pokes ya again!!! :-)

And to think I came to tell ya to go ahead and buy the toe ring....be all the sexy you can be!!! Now I'm saying....let's burn our bra's and cook hot dogs on those wires!!! ;-)

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