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February 11, 2007


It is tragic, for sure.

But, my dear, as long as you don't aspire to be Madonna, marry an old timer and engage in a money war over his estate, pop TrimSpa like Tic Tacs, throw yourself in the spotlight, only have sex with your husband so you don't have to worry about Zsa Zsa's husband or anyone else claiming to be your baby daddy (yes that is the correct term, so the younguns tell me), and if your little brother doesn't pass away in your hospital room right after you give birth to a baby, get sued for TrimSpa misusage, you might be okay.

How anyone can survive that kind of mental and physical stress is beyond me. I hope she finally has some peace.

She may be younger than you, but she NEVER had true love in her life. You have a loving husband, three great boys who adore you, good friends, and no need to be anything more than a attention-blogging whore.

I have found myself obsessed with everything about her death. I really don't know why!

I never paid any attention to her when she was alive. The only thing I can think of is that little baby and what a sad, sad situation it will be for her. I'm hoping that the exboyfriend is her father. I heard this morning that he is ONLY one who has not sold his story. So sad.

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