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February 25, 2007


You must be the coolest mom ever. Most parents don't like snow days. Oh wait- I forgot, unlike most parents (unfortunately)- you actually LIKE spending time with your kids. Your kids are SOOOO lucky!

It's pretty funny to read this just seconds after seeing Evan wiping his runny nose on the chenille throw in the den!
I love my kids, I love my kids......

How do you feel about delayed openings?

Totally disappointed, though I did lie in bed watching the news until 8:30.
That was nice.

Where was all the snow?
What happened to all my snow man building snow?!?!?
Please tell me who predicted a paltry inch and a half.
That's the guy I want to hear from now on.
Hmmmfff. They got my hopes all up with their 4-8 inch promises.

All the snow landed in Minnesota. This weekend we got 10 inches! My kids loved it. We haven't had a decent winter in a long time. I would mail you some if it wouldn't melt! :0)

That sounds wonderful! Please post photos when you get some decent snow. I can send photos of the lovely sunsets we're getting at the beach in trade. :-D

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