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January 16, 2007


what is the internet doggie door company?

we are looking at adopting a rescue mut next month!

Look at that innocent face? How's the door working out?

The door has been ordered, I am eagerly (but by no stretch of the imagination patiently) awaiting it's arrival!

what kind of dog is the devil dog?

flat coated retriever
she'd rather be hunting

She's a beautiful dog, what a soulful face!

Is she the type of dog who'd like to bring you "gifts" via the dog door? Our Jack Russell/Chihuahua enjoyed bringing us treats of a dead rat, a live baby possum (which she let go in the house - EEEEEEK!) etc so I had to block off the dog door and we have resumed letting the dogs in and out 50 times per day.

Growing up we didn't have a dog but, I had a cat that did that constantly. He'd run in so fast we wouldn't see he had anything in his mouth until he was already in. He'd bring dead birds that he'd shaken to death and defeathered himself, and dead squirrels. He'd strut in all proud of himself and put them under the dining room table (prize of place) with a proud look on his face. He couldn't understand why instead of petting, cuddling and telling him what a fine hunter he is my mother would scream hysterically until my father removed the dead animals from under the dining room table.

Luckily the Devil Dog doesn't hunt actual woodland creatures, she prefers Matt's much more sanitary and lady like discarded beanie baby collection. She carries them around in her mouth, and offers them up as tokens of affection.

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