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July 28, 2006


hi amy

your website is incredible.
i was doing a search for branly and your website popped up and reminded me of branly's statue unveiling. although i have not read all of your posts, i hope you are having a great life. i sure wish you two had married way back then. life sure does surprise me these days.

frank denner

Too bad Boops, instead of being vigilant on your behalf, fell under the influence of a friend who brought cosmopolitans to the party, then lost to the same friend in a battle of strength. Then she left early for some reason. Loser.

Yeah, well it wasn't like I told the loser that I needed her to watch my butt crack for me, so she is forgiven.

Frank - nice to meet you, I'm husband. When you get around to reading more of Clickmom's blog you';; see me refered to and very rarely, commenting. I know Branley, nice guy, a little slow at getting sculptures of my kids done. However, I, for one, am happpy that the 2 of them did not marry way back when.

amy's husband

i'm very sorry to have offended you. i really didn't mean that in the way that you might think. you are very lucky to have amy, and i am sure she's lucky to have you.

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