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June 20, 2006


oh girl - you poor thing! I've had that thigh chap before to the point where it scabbed over a day later - ugh!

Anyway - whenever I get caught at an Italian restaurant during one of my (many) SB or Atkins phases, I look for chicken picatta. It's a nice breast of chicken sauteed in butter, white wine and lemon juice, topped with capers. No bread or wheat of any sort. And for the 4 tablespoons of butter in the sauce you'll see on the plate, simply dip a piece of that bread in and soak it up. Then feed it to your hubby. You'll look like a caring wife and the ultimate upside is - if you fatten him up a bit, you'll look smaller!

Good luck with it though (SB). I lost only about 15 lbs on it in 4 months but lost a full 2 pant sizes. Course I gained it all right back again plus another 30 lbs but that is the way of things for me.


Ugh, you poor thing. That sounds like torture. I know because I've been there.

And my husband is the KING of being super-social and losing his ability to see the blood dripping from my sweaty forehead while my pleas fall on his suddenly deaf ears.

And somehow I end up looking like a jerk.

I don't really drink and hate gatherings where the main objective is to get drunk.

Let's just you an me go out together. We can share a giant salad, and I'll eat all the croutons.

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