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May 18, 2006


It's true.

"New characters such as talking aubergines and carrots will be introduced, while guests stars such as soul singer Alicia Keys will talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle."


I wish I had no hole in my puppet mouth.

That is really great that they are being conscientious about the messages they are sending kids about healthy eating! I'm really impressed!

Check this out



I think it's rediculous. I grew up loving Cookie and I don't think cookies are for breakfast lunch and dinner. I thought he was silly, he threw them all in at the same time and they all got crushed and fell out. Every kid knows that muppets can't EAT. They're MUPPETS.
And I'm not messy because of Oscar the Grouch. He wasn't messy - he was DIRTY and lived in a garbage can. I just sometimes don't fold my clothes and put them away. But I don't blame that on Oscar (Maybe I should...???) =)

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