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January 23, 2006


What a heartwrenching, but beautiful experience. Experts say that children(and adults)learn huge life lessons from animals. We have had several parakeet funerals in our backyard.

Awww...our family lost a beloved pet last May. Bunny, my big gray kitty who I'd had for 12 years. Bubba was very close to her, and he took it pretty hard. She is "buried" in my folks' backyard (long story) and sometimes when we go there, he'll stop by her gravesite to say hi while he's playing outside. God, I love that boy.

Gawd, I could not get perspective on that picture! After blowing it up I see that it is sideways, I'm so *not* artsy.

Very sweet post. The Dood sounds like he was a great hamster.

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