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December 31, 2005


OH! I can so relate to this post, on so many levels!
I too suffer from an addiction. Mine isn't food, well, it wasn't, but a program I am a member of talks about "substiting one addiction for another" and since I've been in recovery, I've gained XXX pounds. (yes, those are X's.. no they are not roman numerals.

I"m so happy tosee you sharing your experience here! Especially the dream! I've had those. We call them "using dreams." And man oh man can they scare the crap out of you.

I too have unleashed the "bitch" many times, although, I prefer to say that she simply escapes when I'm not looking!

Anyway, I won't prattle on in your comments section. I just wanted to say I"m truly enjoying your blog.

And, PS, we got one of the dance mats too. My 14 year old did. Not only is SHE loving it but our entire family has started moving a bit. Its great exercise, even for a klutz like me.

Are you low carbing? How is an apple going to kill you?

I know just how you feel about kids being bummed about presents. Don't you think that kids today are just so much more spoiled than when we were little? I would have felt guilty if I told my parents that I didn't like something. I would have never admitted it at all. Of course, I have issues about holding in all my guilt and anger so that's another story....

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