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December 27, 2005


You did the right thing. Of course, you forgot to warn the child to not go around telling everyone he knows what the F word means now (thanks mom!). Live and learn.

you absolutely handled it correctly, and if your hubs won't shape up i'd say send the next kid with a "good" question to him!

Oh my. I am soooo not looking forward to those days. But I agree with your upfront policy, 100 percent. You're right...better they should hear these things from you, calmly and without any attached bathroom humor.


That was the original words that formed the current acronym. But kids don't usually buy that for an answer..they want more!

And just so ya know - I've driven a limo many times, have been a driver two different times in my life, and if the folks are talking to you, yes you have to answer.

Now if family cars only came with that handy screen that goes up and down...

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