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December 31, 2005


Don't give in or give up!! Stick with your eating program and throw in some extra exercise. Pushing yourself in your biking, swimming or running should push through this plateau. It is frustrating!

Don't give up - you look amazing and you are going to get over this plateau and reach your goal - You are motivated - You are strong - and most important You Are Worth It!~!!!

You are awesome, why don’t you give yourself congratulations, pat your self on the back, list all the wonderful things you are doing for yourself, reminisce about  the clothes which no longer fit, enjoy the freedoms you have. Feel gratitude, enjoy life, live a little, and give your husband something to smile about. Run around the backyard naked, drink fancy water from Italy or France, kiss your boys and do some crunches. But don’t weigh yourself so much, or alt least laugh at the number it shows. You are on a wonderful journey back to health and well being. I can’t wait to take you to yoga. Breath in through your nose, pause and breathe out. You’ll be fine.

Did you know that stress can cause a stall out on your diet? I found that out the hard way. I've been doing the low carb diet for a couple of years now and have managed to loose 180 of the 200 pounds I need to loose, but the last 20 pounds is soooo stubborn! BIG TIME PLATAU. Don't give up. Try doing some things just for you to relax... take a weekend away, go to a day spa, and if you're like me and can't afford those things, give yourself some small luxury like a manicure and pedicure, or a night out with some girlfriends. I"m re-starting my diet now, going back into induction phase and it's sooo hard to do, but I'm determined I"m worth good health and so are you!

Keep in mind, you really have no idea how good you are looking. The weight loss is truly noticable, so trust your friends, relax and think to yourself, "this too shall pass". That phrase has gotten me through the past 5 weeks! So just be proud of yourself and don't obsess too much.

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