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November 27, 2005


I understand your convictions, but Im sure the Y is probably pro-life as well, it being a Christian organization and all.

There's so many companies that are reported to be supportive of this that and the other, I can't keep track. I suppose it's like trying to avoid cancer causing food and behavior - it's just too much trouble. lol

Thanks for visiting me! How did you find me anyway?

I struggle between size acceptance and wanting to be "cute". I *feel* fine and I'm healthy, but definitely not cute. I wouldn't mind losing 44 lbs. for that reason alone. How did you do it? I'm thinking two things: cut out the sugar and do some weight training. Now the trick is getting myself to actually do it.

Congrats on the weight loss! I have entered a 5K that will be in January. You have inspired me. Don't join Curves. I don't think anyone who is serious about working out goes there. Its like the lazy man's way to work out but I am not convinced it even works. The Y is the real place to go. Especially since you are not trying to secretly meet men, just really work out.

if you're serious about weight-bearing training (and it certainly looks/sounds like you are!) i'd say stick with the Y and skip curves. they don't have anything there that you can't duplicate at the Y. and then there's always the reward of the pool after the hard part!

I gotta second (third?) the No To Curves advice. It's pretty tame compared to your typical program as described here. Seriously sloooooow. They are targeting a heart rate slightly higher than sneezing four times in succession and slightly lower than walking up two flights of stairs. Seriously.

I was the BAD BAD girl the three months I was there because I refused to shoot for the "death warmed over" heart rate ideal and actually exercized!

It is great for those who are older or so out of shape that they should not start off too fast, otherwise it is snore city, in my opinion. Honestly, I'd be surprised if you liked it.

I have three boys, too! So I'm totally feelin' your pain on the gas situation. This is my first visit to your blog, so I have no idea of your boys' ages, but...

In reference to the hair loss, is your youngest under 6 months? Because I always lost a TON of hair from about 2-6 months postpartum. If that's not the case, have you had your thyroid checked? Thyroid problems can cause some of the symptoms you describe.

As far as the midsection problem goes, I've got a great book recommendation for you: "Lose Your Mummy Tummy" by Julie Tupler. It's the only thing that's helped me get my three-C-sectioned middle back to decent shape.

Looks like the founder of Curves is pretty pro-life, but 10% of his profits donated to charities, including pregnancy crisis centres and health care places that do not provide abortions, is far from "all the profits", and pro-life groups seems to mean adoption-first places rather than let's-shoot-doctors people.


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