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September 29, 2005


Amy dear. maybe it's just where I'm coming from right now, but I think you should let your blog be your own private place. From a writer's point of view, there's nothing so relieving as being able to retreat into that world that is told by you, without a string of people telling you what to say. On the other hand you're welcome to share my exploits over the weekend with the blog world. I'm looking for the best cheese ever tomorrow!

Im my opinion - keep this blog as your own little sercret. The more people that know the more "selective" each post has to become. If that happens it won't be as big as an outlet for you. I thank god that I know about this blog - imagine the stuff you would be writing about me!! shudder shudder!!

Isn't it too late? I'm not going to tell and I'm a gabillion miles away anyway but didn't you just mention the horrible lady at the Y? I think you have to keep it a secret now. Have fun on your ladies weekend!

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