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September 21, 2005


Oh my gosh, these are terrific pictures! I love the 4th and 6th ones the best. I am WOMAN! Hear me ROAR!!!

I'm so envious - I've lost a pile of weight over the last 2 years but have no motivation to do anything physical at ALL. I wish I was in those pictures myself.

PS, I'm so glad you took what I said to heart, it's so much easier to encourage and build one another up when we know where you're coming from!

Bleh - 4th and 7th pictures that is.

Although #6 is great because it looks like you're saying "ha! mile one was *nothing!*"

Clickmom...you ROCK! Way to go!

Seriously, I only wish I had the strength and endurance to do that. You should be so proud of yourself.

clickmom, you DO rock! hooray for you! when i saw your photos, they immediately struck a familiar chord. i was exactly (!) where you are a decade ago- weighty issues, having given birth to #4, all the rest. i geared up for a series of small triathlons and enjoyed them totally. your healthy attitude about the whole business humbles me. i am so pleased that you finished standing up and lived to tell the tale! congratulations!

I found you via your comment on Suburban Bliss, and I have to say that any woman who has finished a triathlon is like a GODDESS to me. (The most intense athletic competition I was ever in was a five-mile foot race!) I hope you let the fact that you accomplished this sink in and energize you. AMAZING!

P.S. Now you need to change the subtitle of your blog to "triathlete" instead of "future triathlete"!

congrats on the triathlon - you should be very proud...looks like you can take the "future triathlete" of your heading. You are a triathlete.

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