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August 15, 2005


Oh jeez, I think I'm blushing! :D

I left a comment a while back, telling you I wrote you a LONG email about how much I loved your blog but then didn't find an email address. Anypoodle, I love your blog.

I'm another comment whore (is whore too strong a word?) who tries deperately to solicit approval for my blog but posting uproariously (I think) comments elsewhere.

That being said, your comment at my blog made me not only visit you yet again and think, "Oh, yes, I remember clickmom. She is cool" but I also feel the sisterhood inspired by your comment (homebirthin' mama unite) and have decide to (wait for it!)...

add you to my link list!!!!!!

Aren't you honored (that an unknown blogger like me with a raging 25-45 hits per days is blogrolling you??!!)?

P.S. I like to post uproariously grammatically incorrect and mispelled comments, I might add.

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