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May 01, 2005


I wish I could talk with you.
You were blessed to have a chest like the one God gave you. You are no doubt as beautiful inside as you are outside. What a woman!
Please DO NOT even consider reduction...Brian

I was looking for alternatives before having surgery. I breast fed my son when he was an infant 20 some yrs ago and since then my breasts have been extremely droopy.

My upper chest is boney and it's difficult to find bras. My breasts were so droopy that there was a gap at the top of my bra when wearing an under wire. Yeah, get the picture? The droop was approximately 3 inches.

Well after 2 months of following the Breast Actives program, I am absolutely thrilled. I can't say enough so far. My breasts have filled out on top and on the side so the gap when I have my bra on is almost totally filled in now. My breasts have lifted 1 inch. Amazing! Not to mention my husband cannot believe it either.

I'm planning to take this for the full 6 months and will write back in the end with the progress.

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