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March 10, 2010


I am curious to know more about the testing you had done. I still have some mercury fillings in my teeth and I wonder if they are affecting my health... hope the chelation therapy helps and that you feel better soon. Congrats for going for a run when you wanted to take a nap. Congrats on all of your forward movement with your photography. Pretty cool...:-)

Could it be any of the photo chemicals you use.....???

I thought of that, but I haven't been a real darkroom since 1989. And the printing process I am using now is supposed to be all about NON TOXIC. Also, I wear gloves. But there is always breathing to contend with..... I read today that chicken (which is my restaurant go to protein) is often high in arsenic. Shoot me now.

WIll outline the tests I did one all the results are in. Most of the most recent tests are alternative.

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